Day 12 ~ Grand granules.

While I was wrapping up delicate Christmas ornaments and stacking other items into totes and boxes, I turn on the television to keep me company.  I wasn’t looking forward to the task at hand, so finding something entertaining might make it more bearable.  As is of customary of me, I hit the “on” button but didn’t sort through the channels.  If I’m remotely interested in what is broadcasting, I’ll leave it  on that station.   I guess I’m easily entertained.

Anyway, I find myself viewing a sand castle project taking place in Thailand.  Ah, warm sun and beach fun:  perfect for a cold sunny day as I pack away holiday décor.  It is amazing how these tiny granules  piled, compacted and sculpted into the various wondrous things a creative mind conjures up.  It is all these tiny grains of sand that are the foundation of these ambitious works of art.  Mesh tiny particles with large ideas  then something inspiring, elegant, meaningful, and  encouraging will come to fruition.

When I went online to find some photos or videos of this show, The Sand Masters (Travel Channel), this video immediately came up.

Next Generation

I love what it represents ~  Teaching the next generation how to build magnificent things by accumulating, molding and finessing tiny granules.

You can watch a time-lapse of their creation here:  Thailand Sand Sculpture

All photos and video on this post via  The Travel Channel 


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